Sungrow 80 KW Inverter price


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About Us
We, the team of DJSC SOLAR, are dedicated to offering high quality solar products including solar panel, solar inverter, on-grid solar systems, off-grid solar systems, solar pumping systems, solar street lights and so on. We provide expert services and solutions, including designing, engineering and maintenance.

We are the authorized distributor of LONGi solar panel, Trina solar panel and SUNGROW solar inverter, providing quality products and services to many large customers such as Power Construction Corporation of China, Guizhou Power Construction Corporation, CHINT group, Mediatek group and so on.

We offer customers higher quality products and services at the best price. Our products have obtained many certifications such as TUV, CAS, UL, CQC, JET, CE and so on. Our solar inverters & panels have high conversion efficiency as well as safe and reliable performance which are proven by hundreds of projects in more than 60 countries and regions in the world.

We are committed to becoming the leading solar equipment supplier and aims to provide high-performance products for the promotion of green and ecological energy globally.
Sungrow 80 KW Inverter price