Samuel Gawith 1792 Flake


Many years ago now, I was told that 1792 was a blend you either loved or hated. The deciding factor it seemed was the tonquin flavor dressing. But I figured hey, might as well give it a go! In a pipe chat room at that time, a guy offered to send me what was left of a tin of it. It arrived and was bone dry. As is my custom, I tried it first in a small cob pipe, lest the tonquin might "ghost" one of my briars. I re-hydrated a flake some, and folded and stuffed, with a bit of rubbed-out dry on top for "kindling". From about the third puff on,it was clear this one would be a blend I loved and still do to this day.


Excellent! I'm looking forward to revisiting it. I've jarred my stock of two tins and will try it again in maybe 6 months.