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Anyone have any estate cleaning nightmares they would like to share. My favorite is the pipe that was so dirty and grimy the kake and dirt were the only things holding the shank to the bowl.

Boy was I surprised when it fell of in my hands. Good thing I didn't have to much into it.

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I bought a super cheap pipe that had so much kake stuck to the bowl I only had one option left. I got my drill and a bit and widended the hole enough to stuff some tobacco in and enjoy it. Was fun...

Arkansas Bob

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I have bought estate pipes online that were cheap-ish because the stems were seized and couldnt be removed. The first one I tried was a really nice, barely smoked 1940's kaywoodie handmade. I tried removing the stem by using pliers and force which cracked the shank and destroyed it. I should have learned some skills on a grabow or willlard first. Lesson learned the hard way. Now I use what I call the "hot or cold method". First off, I try putting it in the freezer for a half hour. If that doesnt work I let it rest for a day, then smoke a bowl through it and smoke it hot. That has worked every time for me with about 6 pipes.